Grafana Data table cell clickable Link implementation

Hello Team,

I have a question please :

I have table and in this table there is a column with name of Vehicle Name and I want to add links for every value .

Every link will bring me to see an other dashboard.

I have tried with option column styles for the column Vehicle Name as type String, and enable as Clickable Link and taken the URL. but it is not considering URL…its only taking the Vehicle Name from that Cell.

it is taking up to

after that it is taking only Vehicle name

how can i do it please ? and thank you

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Please take a look at this dashboard - Grafana
I think this is what are you talking about


IS it same for SQL server also?

for me it is not working…

It isn’t depend on datasource.
Please show what are you doing
And what is your Grafana version?


its working with above code .

thanks for your response and help.

Data Links are not available in the DataTable Panel. I see there is Clickable Links but similarly to the original issue it is not populating the URL with the cell variable. How do I use the Clickable Link URL? I am using SQL Server as the data source. My user wants the search capability of the DataTable Panel. I can get this to work on the Table panel using the Data Links.



Hi, same situation here, is there any solution with DataTable clickable link?

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Use Overrides. Open Overrides and select the field you wish to implement the data links, add override property “Data Links”. Add a new data link and enter a full URL (with the http/s) to redirect to another site OR just add a suburl since it will append with the grafana’s URL. Use the data variable ${__value.raw} to substitute the value with the values from the current cell.

In any case if you want to do a link but the value doesnt match how the link should be (value with spaces etc) you can use transformation, hide the column that contains the transformed value using overrides, and use ${__value.text} instead.


Thanks, I was having the same problem and “Overrides + Data Links + ${__value.raw}” helped me.

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What if i need to get values from other cells to construct my url?, i am overriding a cell so i can use its value ${__value.raw} works great but what if i need url like var-a=cell-a.value&var-b=cell-b.value


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