Grafana plugin : mqtt switch

Hello everyone!

I am beginner of this community.

I want a grafana plugin.

It should act as a mqtt switch on the dashboard which when I click it it should change color and tell if its an off or in on condition using MQTT in the backend and in the setup page.

It should ask me details of MQTT server and topic.

How can i do this?

Hope your kind help!


Hi Andaniel,

If you want to code it completely you must see this repo (I only know this):

If you want something lightweight, i recommend MQTT Telegraf consumer with influxDB and 5 or 10 seconds of refresh interval.


An example:

Hello, Danielgonzalez.

Thanks for your kind reply.

I will see it and if i will have some question, i will ask you. okay?

Thanks again.

Of course! I’m happy to help

Hi @andaniel,

I want to humbly point out some updates on this topic. Enjoy reading.

With kind regards,