MQTT plugin in grafana


Is there any MQTT plugin in grafana to bring the MQTT statistics to grafana dashboard.



No. I suggest that you search for mqtt and graphite or influxdb for example, i.e. time series databases that can store mqtt statistics and visualized by Grafana.

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Dear Sreenath,

Kotori is our answer to a flexible data historian based on InfluxDB, Grafana, MQTT and more. We have been able to use it for a growing number of projects, so this might also spark your interest.

We already introduced it to other people asking about how to bring Grafana and MQTT together over at Simple IoT platform with MQTT.

The main answer is: Use a timeseries database as @mefraimsson already suggested as Grafana is the very tool to acquire its data from databases of this kind. If your choice will be InfluxDB and you need some more bells and whistles, Kotori might be something for you by acting as a protocol translator between MQTT and InfluxDB in a convenient and multi-tenant way.

With kind regards,