Simple IoT platform with MQTT

Hi all,

I am new with Grafana and really thankful for being of part this great community.
I would like to create IoT platform with Grafana .
I need t o know what to do . I did not find Docs for what I really need.
I want to post data with MQTT and get data .I want to send command to turn on a relay connecting Arduino.

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If you google “iot grafana mqtt arduino” you’ll get some useful results that will get you started, like

Dear Siavash,

you might also want to have look at Kotori, which is just that: A simple (but powerful) platform for ingesting data from MQTT and visualizing it in Grafana.


P.S.: Disclaimer: I’m the main author of Kotori. Feel free to ask me anything, I will be happy to help getting started with it if this sparks your interest.

Dear Andreas… I know what does it mean HTTP, MQTT, Grafana, InfluxDB. But I don’t understand what Kotori do… Please, add YOU use keys with screenshots.
wish you success and luck!

Dear @dontsovcmc,

Kotori will sit in between all of these and has a role as a broker. I.e. it will ingest telemetry-/measurement-data over MQTT or HTTP, store them into InfluxDB and automatically create respective Grafana Dashboards.

You can probably achieve similar things with Node-RED, but Kotori plays more in the “standalone/out-of-the-box” field, using reasonable DWIM-like defaults.

Some example use cases have been outlined within

With kind regards,

Hi Andreas! I loved your application. I’m Developing a similar tool, but in C# or JS. I used Node-Red to do the Broker’s Job. All under test environment.

On production, We’re using Advantech Scada platform and devices to Acquire data from our machines. I already have Grafana and InfluxDB implemented, waiting for the DAQs to connect and feed the DB with data.

I’m new to the subject, as we’re migrating to Industry 4.0, and many consolidated protocols(Modbus, Eth/IP, Restful, etc.) are already implemented.

Do you think I can merge Kotori to the structure we already have, without creating everything new, as the tutorial says?

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Dear Layon,

thanks for outlining your setup. I believe Kotori might be able to fulfill a reasonable job within your architecture. However, similar things can probably also be achieved using Node-RED.

If you like Kotori and you are fine bringing Python into your software stack, just let me know if I can help you.

With kind regards,

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