How to add a Button to send an MQTT command

Hello all I need some help.

I have created a dashboard that receives data from a sensor. Sends this data via MQTT to a database, which is then read by Grafana.
My question is…
Is it possible to add a button to Grafana. That can send a simple MQTT command to the sensor to either switch an LED on or Reset the device?

Thank you.

It seems there are not a panel with a button…

This could be a great idea to developers, allowing users to interact with the actuators…

This could help you…

But you have to make a request parser and convert it to a MQTT message. It is not difficult, but at the moment this is what’s available at the moment.
I found this awesome panel, but I did not try it.
I think it is what you are looking for:

i am also at the quest to find a button for Grafana, the plugin geeks-r-us/mqtt-panel , it does not connect with the brocker and i dont know where else to look.