MQTT on/off button plugin

hello everyone,
i want to make an on/off button on grafana to control a sonoff switch using mqtt. my grafana is hosted by a raspberry pi. i found this plugin GitHub - geeks-r-us/mqtt-panel: Simple Grafana panel that allows to communicate with a mqtt server but i don’t know how to install it as i’m totaly new to this. so please help me how to install that plugin to my grafana.
i’d be grateful for any help.

I think you will need to build this panel plugin from source, @mohamed12345.

I would follow the testing instructions in the repo, which include a one-line docker command:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=;mqtt-panel" --name=grafana grafana/grafana

If it doesn’t work, then I would report the issue in that repo :+1: