Mqtt panel to enable grafana to fulfil simple control tasks via MQTT

hello everyone,
i’m using grafana on a local raspberry pi. i’m trying to install this mqtt panel in order to control a sonoff switch. i’m trying to install the plugin using using CLI commands but i get an error message.
the CLI command and the error message are shown bellowplugin error
please could anyone tell me where is the problem or how to install this plugin to my grafana.

You need to run the installation command with sudo.

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right. the plugin is added correctly. i’m really so grateful for your help. the only last thing is how to connect it to my switch. i’m using a sonoff switch flashed with tasmota firmware. i should change the server ip and the subscribe and publish topic, right?
grafana switch server

I assume so. Though I haven’t used the plugin myself so probably wouldn’t be much help with your next steps - sorry.