Grafana panels variable with escalation mark

Hey Grafana Community,

I hope you’re all doing well! I’m currently facing an issue with a Grafana variable, and I’d appreciate your insights to help me troubleshoot and resolve it.

Problem Overview: I have a Grafana variable named “stage type” for my panel tiles. When I view the list of variables, I notice an escalation mark next to the variable, indicating an issue. However, when I navigate to the variable and run the query, I can see the expected values in the preview.


  • Query: query_stage_number_total{namespace=~"dev",stageTierType=~"}

  • Preview in value: I can see the values (All, FacetQueryStage, PythonQueryStage, CsstQueryStage) in the preview.


  • The query seems correct, and the values are displayed in the preview, but there’s an escalation mark with the variable when viewing the list of variables.

What I’ve Checked:

  • Verified the query, and it seems to be working as expected with promql.
  • The values are displayed in the preview, indicating that the query fetches data.
  • Checked the browser console for error messages but couldn’t find any related to the variable.


  1. Has anyone encountered a similar issue with a variable showing an escalation mark despite a working query?
  2. Are there specific logs or details I can check to identify the cause of the escalation mark?

I can see multiple values in stage_type variable in dashboard but when I select any one of them it’s not taking any effect.

Any help or guidance on resolving this issue would be highly appreciated!

I would say that’s only a warning not an error: I guess you defined that variable, but you never used it anywhere

Hey @jangaraj
Nope I’m trying to use this variable but it’s not working as expected basically I have multiple stages and when I select stages values from this variable stage_type dropdown it’s not working as expected

what does it say when you hover over the warning icon :warning: