Grafana Infinity Give Link to Cell

Hello everyone,

I’m pulling data from a json page with Infinity. I want to do something like this: I want to click on the Alarm ID (for example 982) information. So I can send a query to an address like ip:port/alarm.delete?id=982. However, can I also create an approval mechanism? “Are you sure you want to delete it?” like.

Grafana version: 9.4.7
Infinity version: 2.3.1

Hi @omeravci ,

Thanks for opening this post.

This part might be possible by using Data links

For the 2nd part of the question i.e.

I don’t think that this is possible inside Grafana because in Grafana (even using Infinity Plugin) you either GET or POST the data and that’s it.

Also check out data manipulation plugin for deletes etc

Or dynamic text if the delete is a url