Grafana default team setup

I am trying to understand if there is a way to make Grafana team a default one.
What I am trying to achieve is that every new user that is created in Grafana,(either manually or during the first login with sso) would automatically become a member of that default team.

The reason is that we want all users to have the default dashboard visible just after they log in and that could be achieved on a team level configuration.

Thank you everyone for your help in advance.

Try playing with this two settings into /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

# Set to true to automatically assign new users to the default organization (id 1)
;auto_assign_org = true

# Set this value to automatically add new users to the provided organization (if auto_assign_org above is set to true)
;auto_assign_org_id = 1

Then ensure that you have created the organization and a team for that organization.

Hi - if you made this work, I’d be interested to know how?