Autosignup to a different organization than main org

Using Grafana Version 10.1.1

I am trying to auto signup new users to different organizations than the default organization (Main org) but I can not find away to achieve this and most answers involves a script after signup to be running in the background and will change organization after signup which is not what I am looking for.

The only thin I can control is the role_attribute_path which only give me a role but only in the default organization.

I am happy with either answer if there are a way or not.

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Did you try these configs?

# Set to true to automatically assign new users to the default organization (id 1)
auto_assign_org = true

# Set this value to automatically add new users to the provided organization (if auto_assign_org above is set to true)
auto_assign_org_id = 1

Yes the are set already:
allow_org_create = true and auto_assign_org_id = 1.

When you say automatically add new users to the provided organization. Do you mean that the provided organizatoin is auto_assign_org_id = 1 or do you mean some other source that will provide another organization?

We will have several users from different companies and we want them to be associated with different grafana organizations.

If below user is logging in for the first time through our Idp then grafana will signup the user.

email =

Organization should be set to Example Users instead of Main org.

another example:

email =

Organization should be set to Testers insteadof Main org.

And again everything should be set during signup when the users login for the first time using generic oauth through using our Idp.

Oauth doesn’t support org assignment. If you need that then you need paid Grafana version and SAML auth, where Grafana can define user org from SAML assertion. See assertion_attribute_org.

Thanks for answering!