Redirect the user to a specific dashboard at login

I’m looking forward to deploy a configuration in which several clients can connect to a set of dashboards (the ideal scenario would be that the access to a specific dashboard is bounded to a specific client, and each client can view only the dashboards assigned to them).

I’m still testing the configuration.
For the moment, it seems that, when I access Grafana, it shows me the home page (so I need to press Dashboards in the left menu and then click on the specific dashboard I want to view).
I would like to be able to set the specific page in which the client lands at the time he/she logs in.
Specifically, as soon as the client logs in, I want him to be redirected directly to a specific dashboard.

Is this possible?

Very possible…

This is the suggestion

  1. Build specific Org of the client
  2. Put the user for particular Org to the Teams
  3. Select the Dashboard for default login to that Teams.

Then the user for particular Org will direct to the selected dashboard at login.


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Thank you for your reply.
I will try testing the procedure you suggested.
If I may ask: what does point 2 mean?
After create an Org, and I put a user in it, what do I need to do?


You can add the user to the new Org that you already created.
You can invite or just add the user from Admin Console, but you need to switch your admin account to that Org.
Invite them or just add the user, then create a Teams and put the members.
When you switch to specific Org other than Default, the Dashboard will empty, so the Datasource, You need to add the proper datasources and import the Json from default dashboard.