Default or Primary Org per User

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I am not able to discern from the docs whether there is such a thing :point_up: .
So when I see a Grafana User logged in to possibly another app, I want to use the API to find their Primary or Default Org.

This is also important as when a User logs in, they should have their Primary Org as the Default.

(PS and FWIW . Its well documented and easy to obtain a list of all the Orgs that a User is a member of – but I would like just to have one Org).

If you use the User API endpoint, the orgId returned here is the default org: User HTTP API | Grafana Labs

If you have access to the database tables, then it is the org_id column in the user table.

Thank you @daniellee

Are you able to provide me with an example of how to change the default orgay of a user?

I imagine that the default organization would be the last one that the user became a member of :thinking:

Many thanks for your assistance

I think this is the API endpoint you are looking for - Switch user context for signed in user: User HTTP API | Grafana Labs

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Thank you @daniellee
(We are using those API command that you reference routinely :blush: )

Our use case is that we have some users that are members of multiple organizations.
So when you use the /api/users/:id:/org
Then this gives you the user’s “default org”
But what decides what the users default or is and can we change that setting?

FYI, when we write a record to db, we include the field denoting that users default org.

Thanks for any further help
Best wishes

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