Grafana datasource non standart port

Hello everyone! I ran jmx_prometheus_javaagent.jar with zookeeper with non-standard port 9199
How can I modify the JMX dashboard so that I can see the data on the charts?
How does the grafana dashboard generally determine which port to read data from?

hi @mykhailoyasko,

Have you successfully added the prometheus datasource to Grafana? And have you modified your prometheus.yml to scrape this endpoint?

The dashboard you are importing has not been updated in four years, so I’m not super surprised that there are issues…

mattabrams Yes, I’m added the prometheus datasource to Grafana successfully. Which JMX dashboard do you recommend for me?

the only preconfigured dashboard I see in our library for JMX are quite old. Unfortunately, I’d suggest importing all of them, seeing what queries are still working, and then using those to make your own…

actually this one is maintained, but not exactly what you want

try this search: