Prometheus data sources

Hey everyone, just looking for some advice on adding a Prometheus data source. I may have been looking at this too long and gone crazy, appreciate any assistance.

You can find screenshots of everything here. Unfortunately as I’m still new I can only provide two images/links, and wanted to thoroughly document.

I’ve got an Unbound Prometheus exporter running on my DNS server. I’ve verified that the metrics are exported at the ‘metrics’ endpoint, and all looks good.

I’m running Grafana from a container on my host (v5.0.4), and have verified I can reach the metrics endpoint from the Grafana container (docker exec -it grafana bash) using its Docker network IP ( Again, happy days.

I’ve added my Prometheus datasource in Grafana, and it works. Almost there!

Now, things get a little weird. I’ve looked at the query inspector, and it’s returning the root URL for my Unbound Prometheus exporter - not the metrics endpoint.


I’ve tried explicitly adding the Grafana data source URL as “”, but still no luck.

Has anyone seen this before? Have I gone crazy?


Resolved - I was definitely looking at it too long. I had to create a Prometheus instance to scrape… sigh.