Grafana python prometheus 'no metrics found'

I have a python program running a Prometheus server and I am trying to get its metrics from grafana.
After successfully adding Prometheus data source and setting it as default, when I go to explore page I get ‘No metrics found’ message in the metrics drop-down list.
From grafana container:

  • I can curl Prometheus service and get the correct list of metrics
  • I made sure that date is in UTC, based on recommendation for other topics

I attempted debugging it through chrome Network tab and I could see using preview that it did receive the correct list of metrics in 4 messages: rules, labels, values, and metadata

Any help/suggestions would be most welcome!

Hi @lokmanflash

When you configured the datasource, you were able to save and test it successfully? But no metrics appear in the dropdown inside explore?

You say “from grafana container” you can curl your prometheus endpoint and get your metrics. Can you clarify that? Are you developing on localhost, running Grafana in a docker container and your python server on disk?