Grey message "no metrics found" in grafana query field

I can not see any metrics in promQL field, I am using process-exporter, data source is prometheus. It is running and working. I can even see it UP in prometheus targets. I can curl the metrics data. I want to create dashboard for this exporter. But when I hit add panel tab, I can’t see any metrics found, so auto complete doesn’t work and eventually no data appears. Please help!!

Hi @pratiksharatnaparkhi,

Let’s try to troubleshoot this. So, your process-exporter metrics are getting exposed and you can hit them with cURL. Ok, so now can you verify that this metrics endpoint is getting scraped by prometheus? What do the prometheus logs say? If you open up the prometheus expression browser at ip-where-prometheus-is-running:9090/graph will the metrics appear there?

If not then the configuration issue is occurring before Grafana gets involved. Let me know!

Hello, I can see metrics on localhost:9090/graph for that processo-exporter.
But I found the problem. On the screenshot of prometheus, last scrape is 8h ago, it is because of the time zone difference between server and browser. I changed time zone of rhel machine, but still time on browser is different so couldn’t see metrics there.

This potentially sounds like the timestamps in your database are not in UTC.

This is an important requirement.


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If I want to monitor network traffic of that node then can I do it with same process-exporter or do I have to configure another exporter for that?
How can I send detailed alerts through alertmanager?, as default alerts on slack by alertmanager consist of nothing but node name and severity.

Hi @pratiksharatnaparkhi,

Briefly, I think you will find that alerting will improve greatly with Grafana 8. G8 is currently in beta

Hi @mattabrams ,
Thank you for your support, I have overcome grey message error and alerting as well. Now I want to know, for how much time grafana stores data in grafana.db? How much memory it needs? and can I change the time period for that? If yes, what is the maximum limit?

By default, grafana.db is a SQLite database. As an account grows, many users upgrade to another db like MySQL for performance reasons.