Geomap plugin custom markers not working

I’m using the Geomap plugin in Grafana cloud for a project, and i’m using the markers option, it is working just fine, but when i try a custom marker it does not work. I’m using a URL with a SVG file, and the Grafana recognises the symbol, but instead it show a red box, like it is a error.


I converted that image to svg and saved it to this folder


and this is what it shows


pretty underwhelming. Not sure why the URL is not working. Can you try saving the file to the above folder. Also I believe it has to be a certain width/length to be more visible

I think i’m saving the SVG in the wrong way, can you please explain how did you saved the file to this folder? I’m using the Grafana Cloud by the way, not sure if this changes something.

It changes everything. You cant save physically that I know of. Dont you have Cloud support?

I don’t know how can i store files in grafana cloud, if it is possible. Could you help me in this?

As mentioned above I am not sure if and how you can do that in the Cloud option. Do you not have cloud support?