Frontend Don't Start


After a reboot my Zabbix Appliance (where it’s installed my Grafana), the frontend won’t start.

Already checked the logs, and services, and seems it’s all right.

Can anyone help me?

Without any logs / errors, not sure we have anything to suggest.

Any errors on the frontend? Can you open the Developer Tools in Chrome (or Firefox or IE) and check the console.

EDIT: just saw the first row in the logs above and you are getting a 401 meaning you are not logged in. Have you anything that would block cookies?

The only error in browser is: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. And i’m trying to access in other browsers and computers too. Same thing.

Sounds like a network problem. Can you ping the ip address of the grafana server?

Yes. My Grafana is installed inside my Zabbix Server, and my Zabbix is running.

I just did a new installation and it still does not work…

After clear the iptables (iptables -F -t nat), the frontend work. Thanks for all the answers and help.