Can't access to Grafana properly without destroying Zabbix connexions

Hello everyone this is my first topic :slight_smile:

To explain fastly :

  • I have 1 server Zabbix (ubuntu server 16.04)
  • I want Grafana on this server and I already installed on it
  • My 80-3000-10050-10051 ports are opened
  • I can access to my Zabbix fronted with http://my-server-dns/zabbix
  • BUT, I can’t access Grafana from http://my-server-dns/grafana

The only way to access Grafana is to do this command

sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 3000

The problem is that after this command, I can’t access anymore to my zabbix frontend …
Can someone help me ?

Hello everyone this is my first topic :slight_smile:



Try http://my-server-dns:3000/grafana

Grafana by default listens on port 3000.


Hello thanks for your response, it seems something is loading but i got TimeOut error.

Try just http://my-server-dns:3000 without the “/grafana” path following.


It’s exactly the same thing, thanks for your help

i’m going to lunch

Let’s confirm that Grafana is running and listening on port 3000, and that you
have no firewall rules interfering:

  1. (as root) netstat -lptn
  • should show amongst other things

tcp6 0 0 :::3000 :::* LISTEN 26633/grafana-serve

(The PID 26633 will be different)

  1. (also as root) iptables -t nat -L -nvx
  • make sure you have no rules involving port 3000

iptables -L INPUT -nvx

  • make sure you either have a default ACCEPT policy, or a rule allowing
    access to port 3000.
  1. Are your browser and the Grafana server on the same subnet, or do you have
    any firewalls / routers in between? If not on the same subnet, are the
    firewalls / routers allowing connections from browser to server on port 3000?


  1. From netstat -lptn


  1. From iptables -t nat -L -nvx

From iptables -L INPUT -nvx

  1. My Zabbix server is hosted on cloud and no restriction is applicated. From my network, the ports 3000 are opened.