From CSV, How to filter multiple values using Infinity Data source

  1. i have a CSV file having below data


#2. I have created a Variable as Status filter - Multiple check box

#3. When we select 1 status say Closed, i could see the table data reflecting with closed status

#4. When we select Closed & Open when we dont see data reflecting on the table.

Welcome @rajasekhar1480

Which plugin are you using

Hi Yoiasz - i m using "yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource " add-in

What does your filter look like

See if this helps Filtering data | Grafana Enterprise plugins documentation

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Hi Yosiasz - uploaded the snapshot… kindly take a look and advise

Thanks Yesoreyeram for sharing the link… ll review and see if i can resolve

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Thanks a lot @joachimschiewek for providing the solution… But i see 1 problem now.

The filter works fine when we set multiple options where as fails when we set with single option instead of Multiple option.

for multiple selection - pls refer attached working_status.png file - working fine as expected
with single selection - pls refer attached failed_status.png file

Could you pls assist the fix for single selection aswell

please try the UQL Parser…


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Works like a charm using UQL … Thanks @joachimschiewek for your time in resolving the issue… Appreciate it !!

Sorry you were having issues but glad you find the workaround.

I am able to reproduce this by meself. Seems there is an issue with the underlying library. I created a github issue to track this.

It works well when i use inline source
but when i switch to url source i got this error :

Bests regards

Click or hover on fhat warning :warning: icon and see what it says

i was able to fix the issue and now i have a dashboard with chained variable setup.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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