Infinity Datasource - Json Parse multiple value with Where condition


I’m currently using UQL with infinity datasource to filter values based on another variable.

| where "workspace_name" == '$workspace'
| project "deployment_name"

This works great with single value on workspace variable. How can I extend the above so it works with multi values from workspace variable?


Checkout multiple filter here

Thank you for the reply. That looks like what I need. But I’m clearly too dumb to apply it.

how would the multi filter work with the example I posted in the original example?

| where "workspace_name" in (${workspace:singlequote})
| project "Deployment_name"

Above does not return anything, no idea what singlequote is suppose to be
Apologies for requesting to be spoon fed :smiley:

Here you go.

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Hi @ctpeacar

Instead of the where expression, I use a jsonata expression like this:

 | jsonata "*[`workspace_name` in [${workspace:singlequote}]]"
 | project "Deployment_name"

where the variable you created is called workspace. Pay attention to the syntax above!

The above works for multiple value variables in my UQL using jsonata.


That did it. Thank you

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