Error when using Grafana offline with Plugins

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with grafana plugins like volkovlabs-echarts-panel, ae3e-plotly-panel and maybe more.

Grafana Version 9.3.2
Docker 23.0.2 on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

I have installed the plugins with a customized Dockerfile and a temporary internet connection. The production setup unfortunately doesen’t have an internet connection. If I restart the Grafana-Container in the production environment (disconnected from the internet), the Grafana-Container exits with the error:
“Error: ✗ Get “”: context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)”

When I connect the setup with the internet erverything works and the Grafana-Container starts as expected. Without the Plugins and disconnected from the internet the Grafana-Container also starts as expected.

It seems that the plugins need an internet connection at startup.

Does anybody know how to solve this, so I can use the plugins without an internet connection?

You didn’t provide reproducible example so I guess only: you are using GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS env variable, which is installing plugings from the internet, when container is starting.
I would rather install plugins with grafana-cli in the Dockerfile, so plugins will be in the image itself and no install from the internet will be required. Random example from the GitHub: