Error for alerting in Grafana

Trying to set up alerting in Grafana. It worked for a few months and then suddenly it stopped sending alerts to the mail. When I tried to send a test notification to the mail, found errors logged in a log file. t=2023-01-17T15:20:24.939973555+05:30 level=error msg=“Missing receiver” t=2023-01-17T15:20:24.940075398+05:30 level=error msg=“Missing group labels”

Same here with a fresh Grafana 9.4.1 setup!
When testing the the default mail contact the UI says success but no mail and in the logs I also get: t=2023-02-28T14:28:55.8849611Z level=error msg=“Missing receiver” t=2023-02-28T14:28:55.8849611Z level=error msg=“Missing group labels”

The alerting got quite complicated since v9 :frowning:

Ok found out the mails have been in MS quarantine. These error messages are only informational it seems. Maybe change them to log level warning would be good.