Couldn't Send Email Alerts from Grafana-9.2.1

Tried in many possible ways. unable to send email alerts from grafana though my smtp configurations are correct!!! t=2022-12-26T13:48:57.595540175+03:00 level=error msg="Missing receiver t=2022-12-26T13:48:57.595875127+03:00 level=error msg="Missing group labels"

These are the error logs i have got while trying to send a test alert from grafana.
Could anyone please help on this.

I have attached my smtp configuration as well, here.

enabled: true
user: “”
password: “**********”
skip_verify: true
from_address: “*****”
from_name: “Grafana”
startTLS_policy: “NoStartTLS”

Have you tried using Contact point testing? If you use the Test button, can you receive emails?

It is only information log.