Couldn't Send Email Alerts from Grafana-9.2.1

Tried in many possible ways. unable to send email alerts from grafana though my smtp configurations are correct!!! t=2022-12-26T13:48:57.595540175+03:00 level=error msg="Missing receiver t=2022-12-26T13:48:57.595875127+03:00 level=error msg="Missing group labels"

These are the error logs i have got while trying to send a test alert from grafana.
Could anyone please help on this.

I have attached my smtp configuration as well, here.

enabled: true
user: “”
password: “**********”
skip_verify: true
from_address: “*****”
from_name: “Grafana”
startTLS_policy: “NoStartTLS”

Have you tried using Contact point testing? If you use the Test button, can you receive emails?

It is only information log.

Did someone get any response? I’m getting the same error when trying to send a Test email notification from my RHEL 8 (Linux) sever. Installed Prometheus and Grafana as services (instead of using Docker images). t=2023-03-30T09:05:03.607196208-05:00 level=error msg=“Missing receiver” t=2023-03-30T09:05:03.607257464-05:00 level=error msg=“Missing group labels”
logger=alertmanager org=1 t=2023-03-30T09:05:12.375168702-05:00 level=error component=alertmanager orgID=1 component=dispatcher msg=“Notify for alerts failed” num_alerts=16 err=“Email Alerts/email[0]: notify retry canceled due to unrecoverable error after 1 attempts: failed to send notification to email addresses: dial tcp i/o timeout”
logger=context userId=1 orgId=1 uname=admin t=2023-03-30T09:05:13.608405778-05:00 level=info msg=“Request Completed” method=POST path=/api/alertmanager/grafana/config/api/v1/receivers/test status=408 remote_addr=xx.xx.xx.xx time_ms=10034 duration=10.034264628s size=500 referer=“http://xx.xx.xx.xx:3000/alerting/notifications/receivers/Email%20Alerts/edit?alertmanager=grafana” handler=/api/alertmanager/grafana/config/api/v1/receivers/test