Unable to send email notifications

logger=alerting.notifier.email t=2022-11-21T09:44:33.801355342Z level=error msg=“Missing receiver”

logger=alerting.notifier.email t=2022-11-21T09:44:33.801436142Z level=error msg=“Missing group labels”

our smtp details

enabled: true
host: “smtp.sendgrid.net:587
user: “apikey”
password: “**********”
skip_verify: true
from_address: “*****”
from_name: “Grafana”
startTLS_policy: “MandatoryStartTLS”

Welcome to the :grafana: community @sankarkarthik!

Have you created an email contact point yet? Is this the error you get when you click the “test” button?

Any other context you can give about your configuration and steps you’re using to test will help the community to give you more specific advice.