Level=error msg="Missing receiver"

Hello, I have upgraded Grafana from 9.0.6 > 9.2.0 and email alerts doesn’t work anymore. When I try to send test email it fails with error tls: server selected unsupported protocol version 301 and in grafana.log I see":

logger=alerting.notifier.email t=2022-10-13T13:48:57.595540175+03:00 level=error msg="Missing receiver

logger=alerting.notifier.email t=2022-10-13T13:48:57.595875127+03:00 level=error msg="Missing group labels"

Anyone has same issue?

I seem to have the same issue on Grafana v9.1.6

Sending to an internal email alias within our org, weirdly its only for one alias, the others seem to work just fine …

Fixed email issue with enabling startTLS_policy = NoStartTLS
Now email notification is working

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