Enabling anonymous access

I use to Grafana 6.0 and Windows10.

We want to make the dashboard publicly available.
We have enabled anonymous access in the defaults.ini file. We need to make my IP address public before the proxy related operation.

We need your help here. How do I open the Grafana port on the switch and set the DNS server to rebind the grafana IP from this computer to a public IP ?

Is there a reason you cannot upgrade to Grafana 9.1 and use the new public dashboard feature?

I’m afraid he has a valid reason.

Can you help me?

I have never heard of Dewesoft, but acc. to their website, they use InfluxDB, which works fine with Grafana 9.1

How about hosting it on grafana itself. That is way too old version

What do you mean by Grafana hosting?
Can you explain in detail?

Grafana cloud enterprise

That’s actually what I want to do.

The Dewesoft team did this work with OSS Grafana 6.3. I need to use the version compatible with Dewesoft.

How many dashboards do you have and who created them?

Can you get a copy of your grafana folder from them?

I apologize for not giving enough information at the beginning of the topic.
Dewesoft is a company that produces data collection systems.
I also have a data collection device.
I want to watch the data I collect live in the browser with the help of Grafana and have it watched (by a 3rd person).

When I enter localhost:3000 from the computer where I installed Grafana, I can watch the data live.
I want it to be viewed live by everyone.

Look at this section of your grafana defaults.ini

# The public facing domain name used to access grafana from a browser
domain = localhost

# Redirect to correct domain if host header does not match domain
# Prevents DNS rebinding attacks
enforce_domain = false

The rest is more of a networking issue and less of a grafana issue.

That’s what it looks like for me right now.

Will it be enough to replace “localhost” with the domain I want?
How can I make the domain public?

That is outside the scope of grafana and more in the realm of networking/dns/public ip, but someone else might be able to help

Thank you for your help.
I have to keep researching. :slight_smile:

I apologize for my late reply.

Dewesoft said that he used Grafana version 6.3 in his case study and recommended that we use this version.

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That is like “the ancient one” you would have to work with that company to make it publicly accessible.

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