Read Only Dashboard on a Website/URL

Im using ubuntu, nginx and grafana.

I want a single dashboard to be read only and publicly available on the internet at

I’ve tried 1 million variations of changing the location block in the nginx setup, grafana.ini root_url stuff.

I can get it all to be available but only with anonymous access enabled which means anyone can admin without creds. Not good.

Is there a guide somewhere that explains how to make JUST the dashboard visible and read only?

We do have a feature which is known as the Public Dashboard. It will allow your viewers to view your Dashboards publically on the Internet without login into Grafana.

You can check its documentation as to how to use it and also this blog post (see those screenshots as they hide all of that what you also want).

I hope this helps.

Thanks! This seems like the right solution for me.
I enabled it but the public link is asking for login credentials.

Is there a way to just make it viewable without creds? I thought it was suppose to do that by default.

Just noticed that the public link is created with “localhost” in the URL. That seems wrong, if someone puts that into their browser it’s going to look for 127.0.01 not my public IP and domain.

I tried the link anyway and as expected it doesn’t work. Is there another config snippet needed somewhere to change that?

Appreciate the help. I’ve been banging on this for days.

Is your Grafana server running on a local machine OR you have purchased a domain where it can be accessible by the outside world?