Grafana OSS domain change

We are using Windows 10 and we must use Grafana version 6.3.

Dewesoft is a company that produces data collection systems.
I also have a data collection device.
I want to watch the data I collect live in the browser with the help of Grafana and have it watched (by a 3rd person).

When I enter localhost:3000 from the computer where I installed Grafana, I can watch the data live.
I want it to be viewed live by everyone.

This is a sample study by the dewesoft team;

How do I use the domain I want?

Hi @macun ,

It is possible to share the Dashboard with others for e.g. one way is to embed it into your public website.

Another way is to use Kiosk mode

Recently in version 9.1.x there is a new alpha feature called Public Dashboards where it is possible without doing any additional work in setting or configuration.

So yes there are possible options. Also, I recommend that you should update to a more recent release of grafana (at least ver 7 or 8 if not compatible with 9) as ver 6 is very old.

I hope this helps.

I’m trying this but I can’t view it.
Could it be because it’s not public?

I will try version 9.1 and let you know.

is there anything different in this post from the thread linked below?

The main question here is how to change the Domain, but I shared the details to explain the situation clearly.


Is your question is about changing the domain name from localhost to something else so that the public users can view your dashboards?

We want our dashboards to be viewable by everyone, but we haven’t realized this yet because we have to use the old (6.3) version.
Apart from that, I want to change the domain address. etc. instead of localhost:3000.

Thanks for explaining this.

Ok in that case the any outsider from your home network or even from your machine cannot access localhost:3000

If you want to give them access, then you first need to buy a domain from websites e.g. Namecheap, Godaddy etc.

Then once you have purchased it then you adjust the configuration file and replace the hostname with your domain name (and there might be some other settings required but this is the core one).

Then it should be reachable to the public. After that if you create a dashboard or panel on your localhost (on a local machine) you can give its link by using the methods I posted earlier e.g. Public Dashboards, iframe, etc to the outside world.

Thanks for your answer.

I bought a domain.
I need to use NS1 and NS2 addresses for domain mapping with a normal host, but I don’t know how to do domain mapping with hosting for grafana.

Then if I use public DNS ( on the local machine, will it be accessible?

isn’t your grafana normal host? What is it being hosted on?

Obviously, the grafana host looks different because I don’t have enough knowledge on this subject.
Since I am used to ready-made admin panels, I could not match the domain for grafana.

I am talking about the server it is hosted on? Windows? Linux? Docker?

Aren’t you talking about the server where Grafana was installed?
We use Windows 10.

@mattabrams maybe if you can please share some info while setting up a domain for grafana but grafana is running on the localhost as per user provided info.

I would be grateful for your help. @mattabrams

Hi @macun,

So after discussion, we think that the best way to do this that if you simply use Grafana Cloud which is free

After that, you can follow articles which describe how you can connect your local data to Grafana Cloud e.g.

You probably will need an agent service to do this which you can find at;

Also, if interested you can follow one more similar type of article which can help you to understand better how it works:

This is what we think is the best way instead of using a domain because there is a lot of work which you will need to do before getting your Grafana graphs displayed there. It’s more of a System Administrator’s expertise required to set it up and keep it secure from attacks.

I hope this helps.


Hi @usmanahmad

Thank you very much for your attention.
I will investigate Grafana Cloud, I hope I can succeed.

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