Dynamic Measurement Fields

Hi there,

I am fairly new at Grafana so I apologize if this question is quite basic.

I am trying to create a heat map that shows the distributions of timings of calls. Using Influx I have a time series of the variable distributions. For example, say if there were 2 calls that took between 0.01-0.02 seconds and 5 calls that took between 0.02-0.03 seconds I would have at that time stamp (var1=2, min1=0.01, max1=0.02, var2=5, min2=0.02, max2=0.03) and so on depending on how many calls and how diverse the timings are.

My question is then how do I take these unknown amount variables and turn them into a heat map with an unknown number of buckets that may change in real time.

If the buckets were static I created a heat map which simply read the number of calls per bucket and manually assigned an alias to them based on its min/max to create the heat map below. Unsure how to do this with changing buckets.


Resolved, realized I did not have the multiple value option on in my variable.