Data format for heatmap


I’ve got a Grafana (6.3.5) setup which I’m pretty happy with, mostly based around standard graph panels and singlestat panels.

I now want to do something with a heatmap panel, and I’m looking for guidance on the best data format to put into my data store to support this.

I’m using telegraf and InfluxDB to get the data where Grafana can use it, and the data I want to visualise in the heatmap is the sequence of timings as messages pass from one part of an IT system to the next.

So, for each message, I can capture the time it arrives at stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, etc, and I plan to do this as “time since the message was created”, not as an absolute timestamp.

The idea is that the heatmap should show the distribution of times that messages take to be processed by each stage before being passed on to the next.

Does anyone have any guidelines on what I should feed in to Telegraph / InfluxDB to make this work as straightforwardly in Grafana as possible?

The data is generated by a script I’m writing myself (based on the raw data of timings from various log files etc), so I can produce more or less anything; I’m just looking for suggestions on what would work best.