Question About Heatmap panel


I am trying to figure out how Heatmap panels on version 5 of grafana can be used for my purposes.
My case is that I have a huge amount of data that I don’t want to store on the DataSource(influx for instance) as distinct values but on an aggregated form.

Is there a way you could propose me to approach this problem? To store my aggregated data and then retrieve them already aggregated in order to visualize them on a heatmap?


This would be a nice capability for us, too.

There are numerous event sources like network functions, operating systems operations, server responses, etc., where event timing stats are only available in aggregated form, e.g. latency histograms.

But even if these stats were available for each individual event, it would be an undoubtful catastrophe to trasmit them over the network and store them into some time series DB, as such events occur at the rate of several thousands or millions per sec.

Is there a way to use the Heatmap panel with an event source that serves the data in aggregated form, represented e.g. in JSON? (think of something like this { "hist_values":[ {"start_value":"0", "end_value":"0.1", "count":10234}, {"start_value":"0.1","end_value":"0.2", "count":9706},...] } )