Aggregrated heatmaps (per day-of-week, hour-of-day, etc)

Is there a way to create a panel with a heatmap where the x-axis is not absolute time, but buckets of weekdays, e.g. monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc, and y-axis is e.g. hour-of-day. Can be useful to detect periodic load patterns.

I’m using InfluxDB and can group by a custom parameter that I’ve put in my series, e.g. ‘hour’ or ‘weekday’, but I can’t find a way to present it as a 2D-heatmap, although the query results is a NxM data structure as expected.


I don’t think this is possible with default Heatmap panel but you can use the Hourly heatmap plugin to achieve exactly that.

Thanks @agnestoulet1. That’s a pretty cool plugin and it works well and it’s very useful, though I don’t see a way to aggregate data into weekday buckets on the x-axis though (i.e. to show the average for each hour/weekday for the last year; essentially 168 buckets, but displayed by weekday on x-axis and hour on y-axis)