How to display heatmaps

How do I display a heatmap in Grafana. I am working on a project where I have to build a datasource that pulls JSON data from a server and formats into a heatmap, but I can’t find any documentation on how to actually do that.
Currently my dataframe contains one time field, and one number field, like the “server requests” example in the sandbox (but only two fields). The data shows up correctly in the table view, but nothing is drawn to the heatmap panel. Are there any resources that can help me with this?

(My timestamps are not uniformily long, but the number of timestamps are constant.)

Welcome @friberghugo

What is your data source

I am building my own datasource.

Out of interest, why are you building your own data source?

What fails to meet your needs from the ones already available and known to



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I am currently doing a project for my bachelor thesis with a local company. They already have a monitoring tool but want to switch to Grafana and want the the plugin to work the same way their old solution does. So it’s not really my choice

there already are a few choices for visualizing data from json. This below is infinity that can read data from rest api.

name your timeStamp as time then use Transformation.