Help me to show data Really Need Help!

Hi grafana Community,
I am using JSON API as a datasource and my data is Below:
“Items”: [
“name”: “Saqib”,
“channelStats”: {
“EMAIL”: 0
“name”: “usama”,
“channelStats”: {
“EMAIL”: 1
“date”: “2022-12-20T14:02:17.000Z”

Is there anyplug to show data like this if yes Please Mention name of the plugin i tried with heatmap, but couldn’t get the results.

@yosiasz please help me to solve this .
I am using grafana version 9.0.5 on Windows 10

hi @sali2

I am not familiar enough with heatmap panels to help you to build one with your JSON data, but according to the documentation the challenge is, apparently, to make sure that your data is returned in a specific format (either returns series with names representing bucket bounds, or that it returns series sorted by the bounds in ascending order), so it can be rendered as a heatmap.

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@antonio.merello Thanks i have fixed this issue. Would you please help me that how i can send Timestamp with API Call using JSONAPI as data source I will be very thankful for that
I already posted 2 times for that problem but nobody replies