Drop down dashboards overlapping

I have difficulties to describe or search my issue. So i’ve insert some pictures
Wenn i drop down a dashboard, it looks like this:

but when i colapse the dashboard, it looks like this:

instead of everything collapsed and no graphics shining through

how can this be fixed?

this is how it should be;


Sorry for that, seems frustrating, i think something going wrong with the JavaScript.

Which version are you using ?

Can you open a console on your browser and check for js errors there.

Good Luck

pluginVersion": “7.4.0”,


Are you using any specific plugin on one of your panels ?

I suggest you do an elimination process to identify which panel is causing issue,

Create a copy of your dashboard and remove one by one and test.

Good Luck

it’s only one Dashboard causing this.
As you can see with my “should be” screenshot, i have other dashobards with doesn’t have these issues. As those dashboards are from grfana download dashboards, i’m nit sure how to procede. i can try to fix java errors though.


I suggest you try to recreate it from the JSON.

Good Luck

Is this error something i can fix with installing some missing plugin, or is this a code error within JSON?


It’s a reference to the text panel plugin, it maybe a corruption of the plugin, you can try an upgrade of your environment.

Good Luck

i found the solution. Whenever i modify the dashboard within the grafana gui, the display gets scrambled. When i use the original json and make my modifications directly in the json file and import afterwards. It eworks

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