Questions on the dashboard interface


Using Grafana and building some dashboards, but I have trouble with two things:

  • When I add a new panel, it is always added on top of all existing one’s. My first element is a row and the new panel then sits on top of the row and also pulls 2-3 other existing panels there. I always need to rearrange them after. Any way to stop this?

  • When I view the dashboard on my PC or tablet, everything is fine. However, when I open it up on my iPhone, all panels show below each other - which is fine. However, the order is not correct, which means that panels which were sitting nicely beside each other on the PC, are now no longer after each other and it is all a bit messy. Any ideas? Is there a way to provide some order to the panels?


I can’t replicate the problem of the first question. Which grafana version are you using? When I add a panel it will be outside of the row but it won’t pull any other panel.

As for the second, it seems it follows the order that shows up in the json of the dashboard. It also seems to follow the top to bottom, left to right approach. As for re-ordering, I don’t know any better way than drag-and-drop or changing the json for the dashboard.

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