Does OpenShift operator support no_proxy?

Grafana OpenShift Operator version 5.9.2 running in OpenShift 4.12.45

The grafana-a-deployment Deployment needs the environment variables NO_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY to work in our environment. I can set these environment variables manually which works for a day or so until the Operator re-configures the Deployment and deletes these environment variables.

Is there a way to configure the Grafana Operator to configure the grafana-a-deployment Deployment to use NO_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY?

There is a page in the Grafana Operator documentation that shows how to configure the grafana-a Custom Resource to pull secrets as environment variables into grafana-a-deployment, and you can adapt this for defining the variables directly in the yaml like this:

            - env:
                - name: NO_PROXY
                  value: <URLs>
                - name: HTTPS_PROXY
                  value: <URL>
              name: grafana

After making this update to the YAML configuration for grafana-a, the Deployment grafana-a-deployment will automatically deploy a new Pod with the specified environment variables.