Grafana And Proxy Connection

I am trying to use a proxy connection to connect to things such as the plugins and Microsoft Teams webhook. I have set the system to use the proxy, and it does. I also added to the grafana.ini the following:


However it still won’t load the plugins because it says it can’t reach and it can’t send Teams messages due to connection failures.


How do I set Grafana to use a proxy?

That should be env variable, not config in grafana.ini file.

It’s in the env as well. Nothing:


wget works just fine

Figured it out. Need to add it to /etc/sysconfig/grafana-server. This is for Red Hat 8 Grafana 10:


I have exactly the same problem with proxy server in Grafana in container.
Can you write more precisely what and where should be added to use e.g.