Docker - main vs. latest

Can anyone explain the difference between the main and latest Docker tag?

Thanks. :+1::blush:

main is a successful build of the main branch - it may contain unreleased features
last is the latest stable release (or it should be).

Anyway, good prod setup should use explicit version definition(plugins included). Especially if you have horizontal scaling - you will have very likely problems, when diferrent containers will be using different latest image.

Can you then explain why latest is pulling version 8.4.0-beta1 ??

As I said latest should be latest stable release (I also pointend the blind dependency on that is wrong). I’m not and Grafana employer, so I don’t have access to release pipeline, so any reason which I give you why latest has beta currently will be only guess. Do you really want a blind guess? I would say no.

You can buy Grafana (e.g. Grafana enteprise) and then you will have access to Grafana support, where you can ask these kind of questions and they will give you valid answer.

Eventually use to get latest stable release, which then can be used as an explicit docker image tag for the deployement,

It seem the latest image as of this moment (February 8th, 13:00 UTC) bumped back to 8.3.5, which would be kind of expected.

Maybe this means now, that latest is in fact latest stable release, and not something else?

I’m not using this as enterprise, but I’m just simply after the fact that I can get some expected behavior from which images are pushed to the different Docker tags.

Can anyone confirm that latest tag is now indeed “latest stable” (which is perfect for homelab - just bumped to 8.4.0 from 8.3.6), whereas main is “latest testing/beta”?

If not, please can someone clarify? Thanks.