Docker tags: master vs. latest

I noticed that there are two tags which I cannot tell apart: master and latest.
What’s the difference?

Hello chris400 and welcome to Grafana community! :tada::tada::tada:

You can find more information about docker installation here:

But to answer your question:

  • master: For every successful build of the master branch, we update the grafana/grafana:master. Use this to get access to the latest master build of Grafana.

  • latest: Latest released Grafana version. As you can see here currently it is Grafana v6.7.0-beta1.


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Thx for you reply!

Is there any kind of “latest stable”? beta1 isn’t considered stable, isn’t it? is the latest stable


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Sorry, I am not a native speaker. I meant, is there a tag always referring to the latest stable?

Hi Chris, the latest tag should provide the latest stable version of Grafana. However, we have updated a release process and accidentally pushed latest docker tag for this particular beta release. But this wasn’t intended and will be fixed before the new beta release. So you can use grafana/grafana:latest for the latest stable release as it is mentioned in our documentation Currently it is Grafana 6.7.0. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it helped!

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ah ok, that makes sense.

The documentation does not include the word latest. I am just using grafana/grafana w/o a tag - does this point to the latest tag then?

Yes, latest is the default tag. Therefore using grafana/grafana will correctly point you to that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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