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Can you please help me with following question:
As no tags are available here , how to understand to which tag of it corresponds?

Tags for our docker container are only listed on docker hub currently and corresponds directly to tags on grafana/grafana. At this time the docker container is always built using grafana/grafana-docker master which makes it hard to know exactly which commit of the grafana/grafana-docker repo that is being used. I’ve created an issue on grafana/grafana-docker for fixing this (


Thank you, it would be great to have Dockerfile in grafana/grafana repo.
And one more thing, it is good to have ARG DOWNLOAD_URL=“”, rpm version to be as tag version from which it was built, now it is grafana_5.1.0-13822pre1_amd64.deb.

Not entirely sure what kind of change you are requesting, could you try to rephrase?

Actually I would like to know which tag in grafana/grafana corresponds to which tag(now only master) in grafana/grafana-docker. But better if you simply had Dockerfile in grafana/grafana

Ok. We will look into providing the links in the future between docker image tags and versions of the image. If we move the docker image scripts or not is yet to be determined.

Thank you.
But do we have now possibility to check with which tag was rpm built?

We don’t build docker images using rpm. If you want to know which commit of grafana-docker that was used to build a specific tag you’d have to dig into our build system here

You are installing following package inside of you dockerfile “” .

So my question is this package done by grafana/grafana repo,yes?

The deb package is built by the main grafana repo yes.

The link you specified refers to the latest master build/nightly of Grafana. For releases we use a different path:

For the v5.0.4 releases we used for example.

So why master in dockerfile is using latest(5.1.0) not 5.0.4?

Because 5.1.0 is the next minor version we are working towards in master of grafana. If you want 5.0.4 just get grafana/grafana:5.0.4

Thank you) I have picture now:)

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Can you please help me with second issue I am facing?:slight_smile:
On this topic Dashboard API/Datasource API

Unfortunately not, I don’t know the API well enough.