Display time series on small screen width (800pix)


I want to display a time series/graph on the Raspberry Pi touch display. I’ve configured grafana and the graph is displaying fine on my Windows computer with a full HD screen. But on the Raspberry Pi (Chromium browser in kiosk mode) the display is only 800x480 pixels and here the time series is not rendered at all.

When I try to display the dashboard in Windows with 800x480 display size in Firefox I have the same result, the time series doesn’t render at all (so it’s not related to the Raspberry). When I resize the display to 894x480 the graph suddenly appears, then I can size it back down to 800x480 and it will stay.

Is this a bug or how can I get it to render at small screen width?


It works on my computer ™. You didn’t provide Grafana version (I used 8.4.0)/panel type (I used timeseries)/it is not clear what is rendered (why you can’t create screenshot of the problem?).

Generally, it should be working, but I can image some old Grafana versions and 3rd party panel plugins may have a problem. Also make sure you have small number of datapoints for the graph - I can image a problems, when you have much more datapoints to visualize than width of the device/panel. Play with Responsive Design Mode - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN in your windows and check if you see any error s in the browser console.

Grafana version is 8.3.4, there are no errors in the Firefox console.

This is what the dashboard looks like when I start it in 800x480 responsive design mode in Firefox (or Chromium on the Raspberry):

This is what it should look like, 900x480 pixel screen:

As a temporary fix I’ve changed the zoom of the Chromium browser to 90% and then it will render all panels.

Number of data points is small, 1 point every 1 min. and only display the last 30minutes.
Also the bar gauges are not rendered.