Display tags values in a graph

Hello everyone,

I am on Grafana v8.4.3 on a Windows operating system.

My Grafana dashboard uses an InfluxDB bucket as a datasource, the measurements of this bucket have a tag named DAY_AGGREGATION.

So, I would like to display this tag DAY_AGGREGATION for each value when I over my mouse on a graph.

For example, on this screenshot, I would like to see the tag of the value 16.3 when I over it (or by any other easy way).

Is it possible to do that?

Thank you in advance!

welcome to the :grafana: community @thibautesteve!

Did you find a way to do this? If you’re still looking, you can configure the tooltip in standard options for the visualization. It’s hard to say why VALUE is shown in the tooltip in your example without seeing the query or sample data.

There are extra configuration options for the tooltip in Overrides

try to play with grafana transformation like label to field or prepare time series, and you should get your tag value dynamically
Or you can try to add "|> group() "
this came from influxdb to deliver his data group by table or something like that.