Plot tag with fields in Grafana

I am using InfluxDB 2.0 for storing the values.
I am trying to plot tag along with the fields.
I suppose I have one table in which I have one tag as City and two fields first one is the population of City and the second one is the average salary of a person in that city.

Now I want to plot three columns in Grafana first one is City Name(which is the tag), the second one is the population of the city, and the third one is the average salary of a person.

it should look like this

City                           Population                    Salary
Lucknow                        123658000                     50000
Mumbai                         202304503                     65000
New Delhi                      23541025                      2023665

Is there any way we can plot the tag along with the field in Grafana?

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Hi, have you found a solution for this problem? I have almost the same

i think you have to go through (static)bar chart since you don’t have any timefield,
group by city
try to play with transformation “label to field” or “prepare time series”

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