Plot Tags as tool tip for Lat/Long map coordinates

I am using InfluxDB 2.0 and storing the Lat/Long as a field. Now I want to provide the label of the position lat/long pointing.
I have one column City as a tag in InfluxDB. I want that tag should point to the respective Lat/Long

In the above pic, you seeing one red dot that is our point is plotted but you seeing the label as nan: NaN

I have one tag as City I want to put that City label here.

In other cases suppose I have Lat/Long/City all three columns as Tag in InfluxDB so is there any way we are able to plot on Grafana map Panel.

Hi @gautamravikant6

Just to clarify: are you speaking about the new Geomap panel that shipped in Grafana 8.1, or the much older Worldmap panel?

I can use anyone panel. I have tried panel to plot the Lat/Long but when Lat/Long coming as field but now I want to plot Lat/Long on panel when they are coming as tag.

I would share some of the raw, unformatted data that your query returns, and then we can try and mock up the visualization.