Using latitude and longitude as influx tags in World Map panel

Was trying to use the World Map panel with my influx data but am not able to get it to work. I would like to use the latitude and longitude data which are stored as tags. Is it possible to do this or does the plugin only support the longitude and latitude as metrics (fields). If it is supported, how would I structure the query. I tried both grouping by latitude, longitude as well as selecting that in the main query (e.g. SELECT last(“field”) as value, “latitude”, “longitude” from “MEASUREMENT” …). Thoughts?


SELECT last("field") as value 
FROM "<measurement>" 
WHERE $timeFilter
GROUP BY "latitude", "longitude"

I use geocountry and it works for me GROUP BY "geocountry"

Thanks for your reply @jangaraj! It turns out that my (internally) hosted grafana solution has an old World Map plugin. I downloaded a new one to test locally and it works (with the group by “latitude”,“longitude”).

Hello @jangaraj, I’m curious what impact does it have for RAM when there are new series coming all the time? Thanks!