Adding location to GeoMap and influx DB

hello everyone,
i’m actually new to grafana and how everything works, but i have a data set for two sensors, now i want to set the location of these sensors on Geo Map, but i guess i have to include the latitudes and longitudes in the query, i also dont have access to influx DB server, so any help, link or advice would be appreciated

Welcome @samcivilengco

I do not see longitude and latitude columns selected in that query? Can you show us the “schema” of the sensebox bucket/measurement?

Check this out

good day to you, thanks so much for the very useful info. unfortunately i dont have access to the Sensors( sensebox) and InfluxDB servers, but i guess not having the Long/Lat columns in the query are the basic problem, so that i can recall them in grafana. which brings me to the question, in which part of the process should i add the location ( Lat and Long ), should i get them from the sensors or from Data source(influxdb), or should i add it in grafana query. thx again mate