Display imported CSV file as time series

Hello Forum,

Am completely new to Grafana and can not figure out how to display sensor data on a graph in Grafana Cloud.

Have an embedded IoT device that measures voltage at a constant sampling rate (10ms interval), the MCU outputs a CSV file. The CSV does not contain any timestamps, just voltage values like that:

This is best practice to reduce file size (very important aspect in IoT) and as sampling rate is constant, this should not have any drawbacks.

My problem is that i can not find a way to display the contents of my CSV file as a graph or time series within Grafana. Is there any way i could tell Grafana what was the sampling rate and let Grafana draw the graph based on that info?

Welcome to the Grafana forums.

I do not think you can display in Grafana a CSV that contains only values, but no timestamps. Time series visualizations are, of course, what most people use Grafana for. If you know the sampling rate of your measurements, then I am afraid you will have to find a way to insert those timestamps and the voltage reading into a timeseries database that Grafana plays nice with.

Good luck!